Jazz and Poetry w/ a Purpose


Every 3rd Thursday of the month San Antonio finds one of its voices in a deep room filled with tongues of jazz and lyricism. Even an hour before the show promise bubbles under the magma of chaos, but at that moment a veteran of this show knows a captain is coming, and the room is still yet to fill up. The captain is Andrea Vocab Sanderson. Google her.


Carmen's De La Calle is the perfect venue. That restaurant known as much for quality jazz and culture as it is anything else. It draws an audience willing to pay $10. A variety in wealth and type but all attentive. 


This is easily in the top 5 best places to hear poetry in San Antonio. It's probably in the top 10 best places to hear poetry in the world. It does what this south Texan city does best, surprise you with a new wing of your own house. Before you know it you are putting your feet up while premier jazz musicians and dazzling poets rain a jam down on the audience. 

Even now someone is dreaming of that night. Of forgotten faces become familiar. The lights in the room going down low, slowly with the sun. They are dreaming of the flute, missing the guitar.