Franque Michele, Kevin Prince, Have a Group Discussion for Afros Pens and Conversation


Black Writers of San Antonio launched their debut event "Afros Pens and Conversation" in October and it featured guest Author Kevin Prince. The conversation is a monthly foray into culture and identity. Franque Michele guides the conversation in orbit around the author's work and themes of representation and culture.

Kevin Prince focuses on his thoughts of healing through representation, while also touching on his journey as a self published author. His book Ideas of Illusion is in the hands of nearly 300 customers since he began selling after his Hip Hop performances, and at venues in San Antonio.

His book features main character Daniel King, who is a software developer. Prince refrains from making the book an afro-centric novel, but instead Daniel King is black without any fan fair. This fits the discussion created by Franque Michele and likely the mission of the group at-large. It's apparent many are searching for the answer what does harmony look like among races and where does the "black" story become effortlessy one with the world.