KT the Arch Degree, Kinyo, and Franque Michele Talk About Marketing and Health

KT the Arch Degree - Kinyo - Health

KT the Arch Degree had just finished his second workshop in the beautiful city of Dallas when Kinyo, Franque Michele, and Dab Troll stopped in to talk with him.

I, Kinyo, have been talking a lot with Mr. Composition, probably because we've been going on the expansion tours together. We've come to a conclusion that health is an integral part of the entrepreneur lifestyle. It's a no-brainer, but it's different when you're experiencing it.

This video, courtesy of Dab Troll, features Kinyo, Franque Michele and an Awesome health entrepreneur KT the Arch Degree, who trained under Dr. Sebi, world renown Vegan who was known for his work in holistic health.

I was able to ask him a couple questions about how he approaches his work and marketing and Franque Michele discussed her own experiences with the Vegan diet. 

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