Mr. Composition and Kinyo Two Black Artists with Their Own Business Driving Around Texas

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This is the best time to be an entrepreneur. Creators have the best tools at their finger tips. With a flick of a finger, you can send a video out to an active audience. That is why Mr. Composition and Kinyo have been hitting the road with the goal of expanding their audience and growing businesses that meet the needs of Creators Specifically. 

Mr. Composition is the founder of Dab Troll, a business that produces and distributes contents. Recently the business has also expand to include services for fellow entrepreneurs. In the past month Mr. Composition has done work for PR companies, musicians, models, entrepreneurs and more.

Kinyo is the founder of Project Forward, a business that takes young entrepreneurs and influencer communities and focus media creation strategies on their audiences. Recently their work has been funneled into the Projects Go Live with Kinyo, idea. parties (HWC2017, expansion tour), and Black Writers of San Antonio.

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