3 Things Every Writer Should Know by Bunmi Laditan for the Holiday Writers Convention #HWC2017

a guest post, by best selling Amazon, author and entrepreneur Bunmi Laditan

1. Do Your Ideas Change the World?

Do your ideas change the world. 

That's a hard and easy question to answer. Everything we do changes the world because it changes us and we're part of it. Our vibe affects the world. Our family effects the world. The communities we interact with change the world. 


I've put my writing out there and thousands of people have seen it so yes, so yes, it has changed the world, for the positive I hope. 

My only goal with writing is always simple: to express myself as honestly as I feel comfortably doing. Ernest Hemingway once said, "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein."

If your writing is honest, it will resonate with people because we were designed, our souls, can feel truth. This will always change the world even if you're the only one that sees the words in black and white. 

2. What are things every writer should know

1. Every writer should know that if they love writing, if they need to write to live if they've ever known the feeling of being unable to rest until they've gotten a specific poem down even if it's just scrawled in a old notebook- they're a writer. I've been published, I've self-published, and everything in between and while there is some satisfaction in feedback and praise, it doesn't last. The only reward that means anything to me is knowing I'm being true to myself and writing words that are meaningful to me. 

Writing is brave. It's an act of vulnerability and discipline all rolled into one. When you do that, you're a writer. 

3. What is one thing every writer should know about themselves

One thing every writer should know about themselves is that it's ok to change. The things you wrote about five years ago or even last week may not be what you want to write about today and that's ok. It's more than ok. You're not a brand, you're a human with a multi-dimensional soul. Don't cheapen yourself by trying to write for anyone or any place other than your own personal view of the world because no one else can do that. We want to see the world, feel the world, through your eyes. Be yourself. 

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