Kinyo Live is Booking More Comedians, and Reaching 1,000 in total Attendance

 Matticus Valentin Kole

Matticus Valentin Kole

When Kinyo Live started, the show was booking mostly poets and singers, a lot has changed. The audience changed and the location changed. Now Kinyo Live books mostly comedians and rappers. Show producer Chance the Comic has been booking comedians from all over Texas.

The comedians that perform on Kinyo Live have performed nationally. Take Adam Dominguez for instance. Originally from El Paso, Adam has been performing all around Texas and has opened up for some big name acts.

The Hip-Hop artists performing on the show are mostly local artists. They are a showcase of some of the brilliant talent in San Antonio. Kids like Jp the Great are remarkably talented thanks to enourmous structure from experienced family members. Xavien Mac, Song of the Year winner (Creator Awards), has been working frequently with Project Forward creations.

The Show is changing, and bigger changes, and a bigger platform is on the horizon. Stay Close to Kinyo Live.