M.T. drops "For A While" - Song of the Week.

Rap Artist M.T. just dropped a new track. Like he said he hasn't dropped a track in a while, so his fans are appreciative I'm sure. 

"It's been too long since I have released something for you guys! Here is an unmixed and unmastered track I made to a free beat produced by Kid Ocean. I did it cause I can. 
Thanks for the support, I love you guys!

Cadence Waves coming soon....
Be the wave.." - M.T.

It might have been a while since he dropped a track but that doesn't mean he's been at home sleeping. M.T. spends most of his time in San Antonio, and his company S.A. Cyphers has been busy at work producing shows and becoming a leader in #SATX hip hop scene.

His usually mellow vibes are a favorite of mine when I'm putting in work or trying to unwind. S.A. Cyphers is a Co-Creator on my web show and weekly event Go Live with Kinyo, and it's been a pleasure to work with M.T. and meet fellow rappers Alonzo Mckee, SpyMC, and other hip hop heads in the scene.