Light Speed Developments, But We Still Have a Long Way to Go, Says this Poem about 2018

  Photo is Jordan Maney (writer, event planner) and Kinyo.

Photo is Jordan Maney (writer, event planner) and Kinyo.

Kinyo is emerging with new political energy. Following up his 2016 democratic state convention, featuring the Castro brothers, reading of his poem "2016". Two years later he charger up again with "2018"

"2018" is here. So is 2018. That might sound confusing but it's not. Take a moment to listen to this poem about an optimistic year.

It can sometimes feel like the universe is moving at a million miles an hour. That's why it's very important for us all to take a beat and re-inspire ourselves.

Kinyo has been vocal in the arenas of politics, public thought, culture, and business. This poem weaves them all together to be a "state of the union" for the modern entrepreneur.

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This reading is from an event called "Say What Now" organized by Black Writers of San Antonio. The event took place during DreamWeek 2018. A near month long celebration of the inspirational legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

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