Cadence Waves the Project From M.T. Drops, with Expertly Shaped Sounds by Bharath Ramanath


It's coming. Cadence Waves. The Project is the latest creation from M.T. the Realist a rapper who is known for starting the Hip Hop networking/promotion company S.A. Cyphers where tons of underground rappers have performed.

Lately he's been grinding in his laboratory while still running his company online, dropping videos for his fans, partnering with Project Forward on growth strategies, and assisting with the "Go Live" Podcast.

The records that make up this project have a new sound. M.T. worked closely with a renown engineer. Bharath "Chiku" Rhamanath AKA Bharath "Cheex" Ramanath has gained popularity for his unique sound boosting work on his several projects and tours.

Watching M.T. and Bharath work together you can tell there is a love for music that transcends what is comfortable and edges into what is ground breaking.

Listening to Cadence Waves you pick up the themes that are relevant to M.T. He struggles with the unnecessary attention that comes from being a rapper. The competitive energy that can sometimes be unfriendly, and fighting it with the sheer will he can generate by his own ambition.

Tracks like "Why You Mad" antagonize grumpy "old heads", while tracks like "Stoppin at Nothin" remind you of M.T.'s resolve to make music that reaches an ever widening audience.

The most unique track "Runaway" is a dark grungy ballad, that tells a story of love that shouldn't be shared. 

The album will be available online in the REST store starting on February 16th. 

Cadence Waves is out now.

Here's a message M.T. posted on his facebook while he was busy working.

"I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that has listened to and shared my music. 
Because of you guys, we have racked up thousands of views and plays all organically. You guys are the real MVPs. 
I have some power moves in the works. I know you guys will love the new music coming your way! Much love my people!" - MT the Realist

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