Book Review - Ideas of Illusion by Kevin Prince. Short Version: Dystopian. Dream Sequence.

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Much is expected of a book review, and judgment is meted out based on the readers past experience. If the expectations are high for a book review  the same can be said for novels.

We expect them to be novels, and yet all we know of other novels is the quantity we've been able to read in our lifetimes, and some vague conjugation of history, tradition, and some metaphor embracing the origins of language itself. You will not expect what you encounter in Ideas of Illusion and you will not expect the manner in which you encounter them either.

As a reader I felt like I was being flung through the last half of the book, half by my desire to learn how things would resolve, half by my anticipation of some final impactful drama that never came, half because the writer speeds up time to the point where the experience becomes something like a time lapse. It's then that you discover the magnification placed on the ideas of our main character. The book in a sense was an exploration of his ideas, his perception, his ego.

Kevin Prince crafted the main character from a world where people look like him are the lead without reference or grand revelation. Prince is an avid student of health and holistic knowledge. After loosing over 100 pounds he realized he could change the conversation on health.

Daniel King, the protagonist, has his ego laid bare from the first chapter, where an exposition on his contemplation of suicide allows him to play the victim. King lingered, crushing himself with the idea that he is the single most important existing element in the entire universe. He seems to never be wrong about that fact, until the very end of the book, where he is finally right about always having been wrong.

King is caught in a love triangle that has absolutely no consequences for him, in fact it's more like the triangle is stuck around him. It reminds me of a new quote that I'm going to start saying. "Anyone who doesn't understand why Van Gogh cut of his ear has never been in love"

While he struggles with love Daniel also runs a cyber privacy software company. He's a genius who isn't sure if he's saving the world or if it's doomed to destruction. The main conflict in his dystopia is an echo of our current problems of "net neutrality" "bitcoin" and "social media addiction". 

"The internet turned into an ungoverned world where anything goes, and at first, that was why he had customers." - Excerpt from the book

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This book is a deep dissection of ego, creating a science fiction smoothie of dialect, characters, and dream sequences. Kevin Prince, takes his writing literally into his own hands with a self published edition of Ideas of Illusion. There are currently exactly 300 copies of Ideas of Illusion in circulation, probably more by the time you read this. Kevin Prince is known as the Rapper 'Mr. Composition' in San Antonio and pockets around the world. Daniel King is maybe his third alter ego, or just a thought experiment.

It would almost be impossible for me to rate this book, I sell it in my pop-up store. I believe in the story and I'm biased. I look forward to more people discovering the book and know what it looks like for ego to shape reality, for personal meditation and as a reflection of the world we live in. Get it.

The book is available via amazon, and is published by Prince's company Dab Troll Creations, a media and publishing company.

Kevin Prince is writing and performing as Mr. Composition. His books are almost always present at his events, his performances range from San Antonio to California. Follow his journey on facebook. [Mr. Composition Facebook]