The Best Things About Living in San Antonio

Living in San Antonio

by Kinyo

First let me say, walk on the River Walk, find the art galleries, search for the cafes, and DON'T VISIT THE ALAMO.

The River Walk in San Antonio is it's most stunning features, it is a long trail, that spins a path through the heart of Downtown San Antonio. The art galleries and cafes are the city's second greatest asset.

Oh and don't forget about the Tacos. You can get great tacos all over the city. Don't stress yourself, if anything just pull into Taco Cabana. There are also several great spots on every street.

Cafe's like Revolution, Local Coffee, and Rosella, Halcyon have made themselves well known Starbucks beaters.

The city also has many accessible art galleries, that completely out perform other cities by being open, friendly, and above all BROWSEABLE.

Check out the Bluestar Arts District, The Lone Star Arts District, the McNay, SAMA, La Villita and any other gallery you can find.

I've been in San Antonio for 5 years. I was born in Oakland, lived in Mill Valley, Palmdale, and now I feel perfectly at home in the mini metropolis of San Antonio. It's small and historic downtown is surrounded by a sprawl, patched with culture, rural shacks, and pricey cliques of wealth stratified in the cities many coveted pockets of nature and quaint havens.

San Antonio is a city of culture and it proves it to me. Here's what I love.

No Traffic: There's very little traffic in San Antonio, even in it's downtown. If you're from a small town it might seem busy, but compared to the big cities I'm used to it's very easy to get around in San Antonio.

Quiet Spaces: There are places like the Pearl, Blue Star District, Brakenridge Park, and the McNay that provide plenty of places for San Antos to hide away for a day without pay anything, and enjoy mild company.

Vacant Open Entertainment: Most of the entertainment in San Antonio is spread out but highly available. It's possible to go to three conferences, and 5 live shows in a day and pay nothing (a little exaggeration there). The cities most coveted hang outs and hotspots are only packed on special occasions and at specific times. And by the time those places get too packed there are plenty of alternatives.

Try these places:



Alamo Draft House:



San Fernando Cathedral:


There are tons of other great things about living in San Antonio. Stay tuned to the Influencer Blog for more.

Secret tip if you're traveling to San Antonio do it by train. Then you'll be able visit Sunset Station and the East Side of San Antonio that has enough treats for it's own special article. San Antonio is located en route to a train that connects New Orleans to Los Angeles, so a train ride can become a memorable part of the journey. You can also find trains from Chicago and New York.



Kinyo Laditan