Kanye Announces 2024 Presidential Run on Twitter from @KanyeWest

Kanye Presidential Run 2024

 Kanye could seriously be our president in 6 years. Usually this blog is reserved news regarding creativity and technology, but this almost seems to impact both. 

He's been hinting at running for some time now, but for some reason he seems more serious than ever, and with our current celebrity president in office it's even a more likely possibility.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.28.28 AM.png

One Tweet replier included a poll of 2,000 plus people, and while I voted "no" over 60 percent of the repliers voted yes.

While people who are replying to his own tweets might not be a good sample group, it's still indicative of a wealth of people who Pre-PR storm and millions in campaigning think he would do a good job.

Or maybe he was announcing that Jay-Z is running and he is going to VP. That would explain Jay-Z's latest moves as far as news media and high profile elegant-esque interviews.

Well the rumors will fly. To let us know what you think is going to happen leave a comment on this post.

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